HB Entrepreneurs

In addition to drawing on a pool of talented club members, HB Angels will execute a strategy of launching highly targeted funds that will invest in commercial and social ventures led by talented entrepreneurs.

Funds may have a commercial focus e.g. artisan brands, agri-tech or a social focus e.g. health, drug addiction, homelessness.

Emerging entrepreneurs can apply to be an associate member if they have the aspiration and talent to start a global business.

Associate members get a one hour free coaching session with an experienced angel investor and can attend our annual conference at no charge.


Funding Criteria

If you are seeking angel investment, then that’s a great start but before you start our application process, please be sure that you meet our basic criteria. You:

  • Are looking for between $50,000 and $1,000,000 investment

  • Have an idea that is novel with either ability to protect and/or ability of rapid scale up

  • Can demonstrate that you have entrepreneurial talent and prepared to commit 100%

  • Can demonstrate that you are coachable

  • Are ambitious i.e. want to expand offshore

  • Have a clearly defined target market

  • Have a compelling, well articulated strategy for capturing and defending a position in the chosen market

  • Have built a financial model that demonstrates an attractive return to investors

If you don’t meet the criteria, please still contact us and we will help you to be investment ready.